Computer Upgrades


Computers aren’t the most user-friendly technology around. Installing a new operating system is a daunting task. Upgrading the hardware is a mystery to most. Sometimes they crash, or get viruses, or simply stop working altogether. Heck, even cleaning a computer can be a pain.

You don’t need to take time out of your schedule to deal with computer issues. Here at Virtual Computer Repairs it’s what we do! From upgrading your drive to a SSD (solid state) and transferring your data.

We are expert computer technicians and provide all the computer repair and computer upgrade services to keep your computer running just as you want. No matter what the problem—anything from virus removal malware trouble, broken hardware, to slow performance—we can diagnose your desktop or laptop correctly and repair

Some of the hardware we can source




We offer a full range of Desktop PC, laptop and netbook repair and upgrade services, including software and hardware.)

Our turnaround time for most desktop PC Notebook and laptop repair and upgrade services for major brands such as Acer, Alienware, Asus, Dell, e-Machines, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Sony, Packard Bell, Advent and Compaq Presario are 1-3 business days. However same day..

Computer repair & Help include!

» System Diagnostics
» Computer Configuration and Setup
» System Assembly
» All Brands System

» Wi-Fi Network Configuration
» Computer Installation Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Windows 10.
» Desktop, Laptop Hardware upgrades
» Outlook and Thunder Birds Email Help & Setup with backup
» Registry Original Windows

» BIOS and Firmware Update
» HD and Normal Video Cards available here
» Power supply available here
» Notebook and Laptop Repair
» Antivirus & Slow PC troubleshooting
» Motherboard Replacement & Repair

» Software Installation & Setup
» All Antivirus Installation
» Computers from all brands like Dell, HP, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, E-machine, Asus, Apple, generic or custom built computers.
» Local Network Connection
» All motherboard repair services

» Hard Drive Data Recovery
» Hard Drive Data Transfer

» Data recovery no chance to get down your data and no lost data
» RAM DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3 /DDR 4all available here

Virtual Computer Repairs  for any of your computer upgrades in Kildare, Dublin and surrounding areas