Onsite Computer Repairs


At Virtual Computer Repairs we understand the need for onsite computer repairs. For a business owner the computer is the central element through which everything is controlled. A computer glitch/problem can be expensive in terms of time lost, but it can actually cost you a lot more money, as well or delay important events such as payroll activities.

In most cases it is not reasonable for business owners to unplug their computers and bring them in for us to make the necessary repairs. Instead, our technicians will service your computers onsite.

How Virtual Computer Repairs Works When doing onsite computer repairs:

At Virtual Computer Repairs we take a professional approach to solving each computer problem. Our methods have been tried and tested over time and have been proven to be effective at resolving computer related issues in a timely fashion. Here are the steps our expert technicians will take to ensure your business computer or computer system is fixed properly:

  • Thorough Analysis
  • Setting Objectives
  • Develop a Strategy/Plan
  • Implement the Repair Plan
  • Evaluate the Plan’s Effectiveness

We will thoroughly analyze the business computer onsite to find the problem and analyze what is not working properly. Once we make a proper diagnosis, we will determine a workable solution and then develop a strategy to get the computer back up and running. Once we have made the needed repairs, we will then evaluate how well it worked and if it was a viable solution to the problem. If it is not, then we will start back with step one and repeat the process until we find a solution which properly repairs the computers at your business.Should an onsite repair not be possible and spaeres are required then   we will return withing 24hr with your machine repaired

Our Specialties

Virtual Computer Repairs boasts about having the most experienced computer technician in the region. I have many years of experience and have seen just about every type of computer problem over the years. I work diligently to find a solution that will keep your business computer functioning properly. Here are just a few of the areas I can tackle on-site at your business:

  • Internet and Networking

  • Computer Repair

  • Laptop Repair

  • Desktop Upgrades

  • Software Upgrades

  • Virus Detection and Removal

  • Spyware Detection and Removal

  • Technology Consult

  • Web and Email Support

  • Camera System Installation (DVR Secruity Systems)

Extensive Experience

I have been in IT  for more than a decade and I have provided solutions for many businesses no matter what their size. Now Supporting the Kildare, Dublin and surrounding areas.

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