Remote PC Support

Need your computer fixed immediately? Get remote PC support!

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Get help ASAP with Remote or Onsite PC Support from Virtual Computer Repairs – Kildare, Dublin and surrounding areas!

Don’t wait for a technician to arrive or unplug your computer to take it in for service!

Using Remote PC Support technology, you can begin a secure remote support session with me over the Internet. Once a session is established and I’m connected, remote PC support software allows me to view your screen and control the mouse and keyboard from my office enabling me to troubleshoot and resolve the issue as if I were sitting in front of your computer.

Why Remote PC Support?

  • Quick: Get fast computer repair help.
  • Convenient: Don’t wait for a technician to arrive.
  • More Affordable: Travel time and cost is eliminated; I pass the saving to you!
  • Less Cars: It’s the environmentally friendly computer repair solution!

You will receive the same outstanding Dublin computer support; the peace of mind knowing that a professional remote computer support company is fixing your computer.

To get started, Contact Reuben 0838822149.

Don’t pull out your hair or throw that computer out the window just yet! Help is here and just a phone call away.

Did you know that 95% of computer problems can be solved over the phone in combination with a simple remote control connection?

Imagine the convenience of knowing whenever you have a computer problem you don’t have to pack everything up and lug it into a local service center that may hold it hostage for weeks and overcharge you for their services.

Not to mention the awkwardness of having a stranger come to your home and then having to pay a “travel fee” for an onsite appointment. And how about that “retail store service charge” just to “look at” you PC without actually fixing it?

At Virtual Computer Repairs we don’t play those games with you. We believe in fair, honest and ethical business practices. After all who can afford these high costs in such a troubled economy. We will let you know when its time to get a new pc or laptop and not charge you the same price of a new computer to fix an old heap!

With hundreds of satisfied customers, we are confident you will find our support staff friendly, professional and knowledgeable! From annoying error messages, viruses, spyware, pop-ups and adware to start-up errors, software installs and PC Reloads we are here to help. Do you need someone to just “walk you through” something, answer questions you’re embarrassed to ask your boss or co- workers about, make recommendations for a new system or upgrade, basic training, etc?

There is no stupid question when it comes to technology and Virtual Computer Repairs will put you at ease and make you feel right at home. After all,  we are your “personal help desk”  and with technology changing daily you need someone on your side that can keep up with it all!

Give Virtual Computer Repairs a try! You will be happy you did 🙂

Remote PC Support Services:

Many problems can be be resolved remotely, including:

  • Computer Virus Repairs and Removal
  • PC Tuneup (Make my computer faster!)
  • Computer Maintenance (Clean up your computer!)
  • Computer Software Installation and Configuration
  • Data Recovery & Backup
  • Multi-Computer Networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • Personalized Computer Training

Having computer issues and need help now?!? Contact Reuben by phone 0838822149, text, or email to make a remote PC support session appointment and get back up and running quickly!!

The Convenience of Remote PC Support

The convenience of remote PC support has been received very well!

Imagine having computer issues that you know a technician could likely resolve quickly. Before remote PC support, you were limited to either phone computer support or waiting for a technician to be dispatched.

Remote computer support, on the other hand, does not require you to describe the problem over the phone or wait for a technician to arrive. Remote support software allows a technician to view your screen and interact with your computer to resolve the issue quickly or even walk you though a series of steps to provide training.

Would you like to schedule remote computer support or on site computer repair Dublin? Contact Reuben for remote PC support today!