Here are the pricing guidelines I use for Initial on-site service if longer than an hour is required will quote. (includes travel within 25km from My Base in Celbridge Ireland ):

Virus and Spyware Removal

  • Troubleshoot affected computer
  • Complete Removal of Viruses, Spyware, Malware, etc.
  • Repair related issues (boot problems, blue screens)
  • Verify anti-virus software is installed and updated (install if nothing is already there)
  • Install important updates
  • Verify PC is in working order – and suggest additional repairs/upgrades and preventative maintenance
  • €60/hr

Hardware Install

  • Evaluate software system requirements and your PC specs
  • Install hardware and updates to software if needed
  • Create desktop shortcuts
  • Software not included and must be provided by client
  • €60/hr

Computer Hookup

  • Setup one PC or Mac computer for your use (including monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers)
  • Verify you can access internet and setup one email account
  • Install and configure one external device – printer/scanner/external hard drive (hardware not included)
  • Install one software package (software not included in price)
  • €60/hr

Computer Tune-Up (Computer running slow)

  • Clean up temporary files including (internet and system temp files) using specialized software
  • Verify anti-virus is installed and updated
  • Disable unneeded/unwanted startup programs to speed up boot time
  • Clean dust from inside PC
  • Verify PC hardware is functioning correctly per your request
  • €60/hr

Data Backup and Transfer

  • Transfer all data from your old PC to your new PC (programs not included, must be installed and software discs provided by user).  Includes documents, pictures, music, favorites/bookmarks, email)
  • Backup data to external hard drive or DVD (up to 9GB on DVD, hard drive not included)
  • Configure data backup schedule to external device (additional backup software may be extra)
  • Optional – Off-Site Data Backup setup.  Schedule your important files to be backed up online to our secure server.  Setup fee and monthly fees extra.
  • €60/hr

Email Setup

  • Setup and configure one existing email account on a computer or mobile device
  • User must have password available
  • Working internet connection is required
  • Troubleshoot existing email account
  • Service includes setup and repair of email client if necessary
  • €60/hr

Operating System Install (this is a tough one due to customer software, hourly would probably be better)

  • Install one operating system on a working PC – client must supply disc and valid license key
  • Install drivers
  • Install critical updates
  • Test
  • €60/hr

Printer Setup

  • Setup, configure and test local printer (client supplies printer and necessary cables)
  • Help with any questions you have
  • €60/hr

Printer Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot printer problems (page feeds, ink lines, etc.) and clean if necessary
  • Local, network or wireless printers
  • Suggest parts or additional repairs if necessary
  • €60/hr

Software Install

  • Evaluate software system requirements and your PC specs
  • Install updates to software if needed
  • Create desktop shortcuts
  • Software not included and must be provided by client
  • €60/hr

Wireless Network Setup

  • Install/Configure wireless router – secure wireless signal from intruders
  • Install/Configure wireless devices – PC, laptop, TV, game console, etc. (up to 3)
  • Secure network
  • Add an additional device during initial setup – €10
  • Add device after initial setup – €60/hr ex travel
  • €60/hr