Desktop Computer Repairs by Virtual Computer Repairs in Celbridge servicing CO. Kildare and Dublin.


Professional, certified, experienced, fast on site desktop computer repairs celbridge (often same day onsite computer repair).

Specializing in residential computer support, small business computer support, mobile computer repair, and remote PC support.

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Desktop and Laptop Computer Repairs By Virtual Computer Repairs Dublin

Desktop Computer Repairs By Virtual Computer Repairs Dublin

Computers and gadgets are an integral part of modern day-to-day life. There’s nothing more frustrating than a computer error that prevents you from accessing the internet or a total system failure that erases your saved documents or when your child locks your pc and infects it with a virus while googling nasties…..Fortunately, any computer problem you encounter today can be fixed by Virtual Computer Repairs .

Objective: Friendly and fast onsite computer repairs in the Dublin area; providing affordable computer services and local computer repair.

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We usually only require the main unit (not keyboards, monitors, etc. unless these appear to be faulty).


We are experts in the following areas and many more.  Your solution is just a phone call away. 083 8822149

Anti-virus installation Fillable PDF forms QuickBooks installation
Basic computer training seniors support QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Business networking Hardware installation Laptop Repairs
Business technology consulting Home office networking Remote assistance
Computer backup Home office technology consulting Scanning for spyware
Computer data recovery Internet service installation Scanning for viruses
Computer installation Keyword optimization Search engine optimization
Computer networking Memory scan Software installation
Computer training Microsoft fax services Spyware removal
Courses in Microsoft Office DSL Support System error messages
Data recovery New computer setup Virus removal
Disk cleanup Operating system reload Web hosting setup
Disk defragmentation PC diagnostics Web site design
Disk optimization Printer installation Web site maintenance
Disk scans and repairs Printer sharing Windows password recovery
Domain name registration Professional project management Windows updates
File transfers to new computers QuickBooks bookkeeping service  Computer repairs

We Provide:

  • Fast On Site Computer Repair and Upgrades
  • PC Tuneup (Make my computer faster!)
  • Computer Maintenance (Clean up your computer!)
  • Computer Software Installation and Configuration
  • Computer Hardware Repair, Troubleshooting, and Installation
  • Computer Virus Repairs and Computer Virus Removal
  • New Computer Advice and Setup Help

•  Computer Repairs Dublin

•  Dublin Computer Managment Services

•  Offsite/Onsite Server Hosting Solutions

•  Virus / Malware Removal Dublin

•  Wireless Technology

•  Computer not Starting

•  Blue Screen of Death errors repaired

•  Data Retrieval

•  Disaster Recovery

•  Laptop Repairs Dublin including screens, batteries ,LCD, LED, Chargers

•  ManagedServices

•  Computer Tune ups

•  Server Configuration and Maintenance

•  Cloud Technology

•  IT Consulting Services Dublin

•  Voice over IP and Telecom Services

•  Telecom Services and Internet Services

•  and much more    http:/

Laptop Repair:

  • Laptop Repair, Laptop Tech Support

Virus Removal:

Remote PC Support:

  • Remote Assistance, Remote Computer Repair

Computer Networking Dublin:

  • Wired and Wireless Computer Networking Services

Why choose  to do your Computer Repairs with Virtual Computer Repairs Dublin?

  • Owner-operated computer repair. I work for the enjoyment love a challenge and guarantee your satisfaction!
  • You are NOT calling an impersonal call center, you are contacting me directly!
  • 20+ year’s experience with computer repairs and networks.
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Choose me as your computer repair technician because I enjoy helping others and take personal pride in quality work done well! Need computer help? Contact Reuben for professional Computer Repairs Dublin support today!


Data Backup Plan

When providing computer repair in Dublin area, my primary concern is maintaining the integrity of your data!

In a recent survey, 50 percent of participants said they would prefer to lose vacation time rather than their data; however, 82 percent admitted that their data was stored only on their computer’s hard drive. In other words, with one component failure, the hard drive, all their data could disappear forever!

What about you? Do you have an automated data backup plan in place? Please Reuben today if you do not. I can help you create a personalized backup plan or actively monitor and provide status reports for your current data backup plan.

Why do you charge less?

I charge less because it’s just me that does all the work so I’m the only person you’ll ever be dealing with when you call or email. That means I don’t have the high overhead that other IT companies do. And let’s face it, I charge a fair and honest price where others don’t. And that’s the bottom line.

What can you offer me that others can’t?

With me, you always know what to expect. You get a 6 month guarantee on the work I do. You’ll get the benefit of over 25 years experience and professional hands-on training. You’re getting a price that can’t be found with large IT support companies for a service that can’t be beaten. And the price I quote you will always be the price you pay. If I can’t fix it, I won’t charge you. In short, I can offer you personal attention and flexibility, neither of which you’ll find with larger IT companies! @ home computer repairs

Reuben Kruyer – Virtual Computer Repairs Computers Celbridge


Use this list of average computer repair prices as a guide the next time your computer breaks down or you need that security protecting your kids and busines

Standard PC Repairs

Standard PC repairs typically cost  €60 per hour. We do not give out firm total cost estimates, because it is difficult to determine exactly how long a specific repair may take. System freeze-ups, software conflicts and virus problems usually take two or three hours to fix.We will do our best to keep you informed of the total and will normally provide an accurate guestimate.

Crashed Hard Drives

Fixing a crashed hard drive takes longer than repairing other typical problems. Recovering lost data requires a special expertise. In order to get your computer running properly, a technician may need to install new parts, such as a replacement motherboard, which adds to the total cost. Repairing a crashed hard drive can cost from €120- €300 or more for complete hardware failure….ie fire flood..

Minor PC Repairs Remote Assistance (billable by credit card)

It is possible to fix minor Personal Computer problems without hiring a technician for in-home repairs. Desktop repair services, connected to your computer through an internet connection, can almost always fix common problems caused by viruses, bugs and trojans. Inexpensive virus protection software cleans your computer and prevents future attacks.


Network Computer Repair

Network computer issues necessitate hiring a professional specialized in networking solutions. Network repair is more complicated and costs more than standard PC repair. If you run a small or medium-size business, expect to pay at least €60 per hour bearing in mind a corporate site two or three Computers or Laptops  may be worked at any one time at once. Large networks with multiple computers, printers and phones can cost thousands of Euros to repair in a virus situation thus preventative maintenance is essential..

Computer problems are upsetting. Armed with the average computer repair rates in this list, you can find a good deal on repair services and avoid getting ripped off. Expect to pay no more than €60 /Hr for standard PC repairs.


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