Surface Mini Could Launch This Year As A Note Taking Device


Talk about the elusive Surface Mini has gone down a few notches these past few months. Many expected this tablet to just be a straightforward small version of the Surface 2, however.

But new details have emerged about the tablet, and it seems Microsoft is up for something different.

It is being reported that the device is pretty much ready for action, and could hit the market anytime this year. And while Redmond is still tight-lipped on such a project, the company is said to be planning to position this as a note-taking device.

The logic behind this is to have clear distinctions between all Surface models on the market. Not the worst idea ever, makes all the sense in the world, if anything.

Obviously, since the device is being designed to take notes on the go, the Surface Mini will offer support for pen input — touch will not just be the only primary mode of input for users.

This does afford Microsoft the luxury of opting for a including a 7 inch display or go all the way up to 8 inch. Microsoft is also said to be preparing some new tools on the software side, along with the necessary touchups for OneNote to make it easier to use on the small screen.

However, some apps that are available on the Windows Store right now might be incompatible with this model, and it obviously will not be able to run legacy Windows software and programs.

No pointers on the hardware specifications yet, but previous rumors have hinted that the company might try and attach a price tag in and around the $250 range on the Surface Mini.

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